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About Us

Investment Decisions Driven by Data

Real Estate investing has always lagged stock market investing when it comes to data and analytics-driven decision making. Where stock market investors have had past performance trends and triggers impacting future performance, real estate investors have had to rely on driving by neighborhoods and tribal knowledge. HomeUnion® changes all of that. We use Big Data to analyze neighborhoods and properties across the country to bring the same level of rich risk-reward calibration that stock market investors have had access to.

We have built the industry’s first intelligent recommendation engine that takes your financial preferences and goals and serves up properties and portfolios that meet those goals. We have done this by analyzing over 100M properties and 200,000 neighborhoods to build proprietary models that support the investment process. Neighborhoods can be selected based upon risk, return and quantum of investment, while we have built the best expense and return models for individual properties and portfolios.

Our leadership team is comprised of a mix of corporate leaders and serial entrepreneurs who have built successful companies in real estate, finance, and technology. Our team has run large loan servicing companies with over $75B of residential real estate loans, has underwritten multi billion dollars worth of mortgage loans, and has run Savings Banks.


I had never heard of Home Union until my friend recommended them to me as he has 10 properties and is doing very well off the cash flow. After going to their office to meet with their rep, seeing that they were a real and legit company, I took a chance and got 1 property with them.Keep in mind if you've never done real estate investment there is a lot of information to assimilate and process. Luckily Home Union was very good about getting that information to me and letting me know what I nee...